Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why does My Brother have to Watch George Lopez Every Night?

The past few days have been pretty monotonous (except for auditions). I wake up at 6:45. I go to school. I go home. I work on my homework until about 9 or 10 pm, so any free time I have is precious. Ever since school started, by the time I finish my homework, it's either too late to hang out with friends or I have to go to swim practice (well, that's what it'll be like next week). So I use most of my free time on the weekdays to catch up on tv. So, when I finally finish my homework, I go upstairs to the big tv, where my brother is watching George Lopez. And since he was here first, I'm not allowed to change the channel. How fun. I don't mind watching it once or twice, but he watches it EVERY NIGHT! What is up with that?!?
So now I could either a) watch George Lopez with my brother or b) watch tv somewhere else. Which option do you think I'll take? Now normally, this wouldn't be a problem. But lately, I find it irritating that it seems like he always gets the best tv in the house. And now he's just using this tv to watch the Nick @ Nite lineup. And he's been messing with my recordings. He keeps cacelling recordings of 30 Rock, which I'm really annoyed with. Ands he almost cancelled a new episode of Wipeout to watch a rerun of Malcolm in the Middle, which doesn't even air anymore.
Sure, I could tell my mom how annoyed I am that my brother keeps cancelling my recordings to watch other shows, but she'll just tell me to record it downstairs. Sounds like good advice but it's really not. You see, DVRs have limited memory. I'm constantly deleting recordings to make room for new ones. Most of them are the exercise shows my mom records but never watches. Seriously, if you haven't even watched one of those episodes after a year of recording them, why bother?
Basically, when it comes to tv time, I'm pretty much screwed. There are a lot of good shows that I could be watching during my down time (which isn't much, believe me), and I have to waste them watching reruns of Urkel. I swear to god, if I hear one more "Did I do that?!?" in an annoying nasal voice, I'm gonna throw that tv out the window.

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